Security Strategy, Consultancy & Advisory

AUGMENTIQ works with senior leaders from government and industry to inspire new thinking, drive change and transform operations in security.

We specialize in enhancing security at ports, airports and international borders.  

We provide consultancy and strategic advice to design strategies, mitigate threats and build capabilities for clients working in:

  •     technology – companies specializing in developing security products and services;
  •     operations – organizations operating security environments;
  •     manpower – organizations providing security teams.

Our team of security consultants, supported by a global network of experts, can help you solve complex problems, answer difficult questions, manage risk and create new ways of working to improve security outcomes.

We support prominent conferences and international organizations to help set the agenda, shape the debate and take on leadership roles that afford us unique perspectives on the global security environment.

Download the brochure ...To find out how our security consultants might be able to help you, please call: +44 20 3416 3222 or send e-mail to